Roof Repair & Replacement

K Construction & Restoration specializes in roof replacement and repairs for both residential and commercial properties.  We possess the tools and the knowledge to repair and replace most roofing systems.  In fact, we guarantee the best repairs possible and will provide you with a beautiful maintenance-free roof for many years to come. Our roofing professionals have decades of experience inspecting, repairing, and replacing roofs in both residential and commercial environments.  Our trained estimators will thoroughly inspect your roof’s overall condition. Once our assessment is complete, we will provide you with our professional opinion and advise you regarding the best course of action to restore your property. If you are filing a homeowners claim with your insurance company and you require our help, our techs will gladly assist you with the claims process. We want to do beyond whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Many homes experience water damage to some degree. The majority of these water damage events are a result of a storm or some type of plumbing failure. When water damage occurs, it is important that you locate a water damage restoration company that is well-trained and has the equipment to completely disinfect and dry your home as quickly as possible. Water damage is progressive and items that could be restored within the first 48 hours of water damage may not be restored if emergency response is delayed. Although you might be tempted to perform the work yourself or call a company that specializes in washing and drying carpet, you should consider that water will wick up the walls and travel under the base molding and sill plates. It will penetrate through floor coverings into sub-floors, even causing water damage in other rooms.

In addition, if humidity inside the structure is not controlled, items that were not damaged from the original water source could be damaged as a result of absorbing moisture from the air. Structures that are not dried out quickly and properly can become a food source for mold growth which may require professional mold removal.
K Construction & Restoration Water Mitigation Service Professionals are trained on current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying, to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Moisture meters are used to locate moisture that may not be visible or may be hidden behind walls or cabinets, so that our Water Restoration Service Professionals can ensure that all wet materials are dry. Because we understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water damage, you can rely on us to provide emergency response and quick professional service 24-hours a day.

Our fire restoration teams know that seemingly unaffected areas by fire damage are still potentially dangerous. Smoke will penetrate within the structure, resulting in invisible damage and odor. Our team understands how far fire and smoke damage can spread. A few examples of soot are wet smoke residues, dry smoke residues and protein residues.

Because we understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water or fire damage, you can rely on us to provide you with emergency response and quick professional services 24 hours a day.

Free Home Inspections

K Construction & Restoration, offers free property damage inspections. We want to be your trusted, go-to contractor when your home needs repairs. With locations along the eastern coast, K Construction & Restoration is one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial contractors in the southeast. Specializing in inspecting roofing, siding, gutters, fire damage, water and mold damage.

Insurance Specialist

As insurance specialists, we will be more than happy to walk you through the insurance claim process. Working a claim can be stressful and time consuming for a policy holder, we would love the opportunity to make this process easier on you. We are highly-knowledgeable with regards to policies, products, and service. We take pride in every job opportunity that we are fortunate enough to be a part of. You can count on K Construction & Restoration to be available for you both during and long after your project is completed.

Emergency 24/7 Services

Highly conscientious, we, at K Construction & Restoration offer fast emergency service. We will respond to your emergency promptly. When you experience a home damage emergency, we will initially help stop the immediate damage to your home. Whether applying tarps to your roof to prevent further leaking, or rerouting water to prevent further flood damage, we’ll act quickly to protect your belongings. When you suspect your home has sustained damage as a result of hail, rain, wind, snow and ice, condensation, moss and algae, a fallen tree or tree branch, or any other condition where a roof replacement may be necessary, we’ll inspect your home for free to evaluate your particular situation and help you determine the repairs needed.

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